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Just as a team of climbers typically hire a Sherpa to guide them through a Mount Everest climb, the principle role of the TEAMM Guide is to walk alongside you and your team, provide expertise gained from past experience, and to direct your team only as needed. As with an Everest expedition, you and your team are the ones who will need to work as a team, wrestle with difficult decisions and ultimately complete the climb.

While participating in the TEAMM experience you will be assisted

by a TEAMM Guide. Rather than using the title "trainer" or "coach,"

which does define some of the function provided during the TEAMM process,

the main role served is as a guide.



Dave and Gina met while working for Youth For Christ in Denver.  In their twenties Dave worked at a group home for troubled youth and was the chaplain at Lookout Mountain School for Boys.  Gina ministered in the five points neighborhood with youth and their families.  This set them off on a course of living and serving in inner city Denver for over three decades in various capacities.  Dave has served in several leadership roles including Director of Here’s Life Inner City in Denver (an arm of CRU) and as an elder at Church in the City.  Dave currently serves as the Executive Director of Denver Leadership Initiative (  Gina serves the Lord through her gift of hospitality and creativity.  As well Gina has a calling to walk side-by-side with women with a special gift of acceptance that disarms others and yet also knows when to speak honesty and directly.

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