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TEAMM is a semi-self directed process

The TEAMM approach is to provide just the right amount of

guidance and structure to assist your team without taking away the opportunity to practice good team leadership (discussions, planning and decision making).


Over the five-month span of the TEAMM program approximately 65 percent of the time will be spent with just you and your team.  TEAMM will provide guidance for discussions, planning and decision making, but your team will take the lead for a large part of the time you carve out for TEAMM.

Why not do it yourself?

You might ask “why not just do this ourselves?”  Consider past experiences.  Why is it that most “do it yourself” efforts such as this fail or fall very short of expectations?

Taking the do-it-yourself approach:  there is always a temptation to save money or time or both and attempt it on your own.  This however is not putting the proper value on one of the most foundational things a ministry can do.  We spend money and time on the things that matter most.  This type of effort is worthy of our time, energy and money.

Self deception and self accountability:  teams rarely see themselves with full objectivity and self accountability generally dissolves over time.  Although TEAMM involves a substantial amount of self-direction, there is an appropriate amount of accountability and input from others to assist teams.

Too focused on quick turnaround:  just like a couple who finally commits to work on their marriage – a marriage retreat is a good first step, but they should not expect much change if they don’t invest the appropriate time and duration of time so that real change can take root.

Process gets left unfinished:  many teams will start off with great energy and excitement but when the process gets bogged down (complicated issues, underestimating the difficult stages of the process) leadership can easily begin letting the process slide and lose momentum.  At this point the effort generally gets replaced by the next BSO (Bright Shiny Object).

It's for these reasons

we encourage you to take advantage of the TEAMM program to embark on this leadership effort.

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