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Focusing leadership teams on foundational, non-urgent,

 leadership areas

What should you expect from the TEAMM experience?  Improved team alignment - increased team unity - everyone pulling in the same direction

Training with an Emphasis on
Action,  Mentoring and Monitoring


Training with an Emphasis on:


Why is it that ministry training seems so often to fall short in any substantial growth?  We attend a training or conference, get inspired for growth or change, and yet within weeks, or sometimes days, we are right back doing business as usual.  TEAMM is built to produce action over time.  With TEAMM anticipate hearing from God.  Then expect to decide, plan, and then most importantly, act on important issues.


TEAMM includes some classroom style training.  However, what separates itself from the typical classroom setting is 1) a deliberate effort to keep groups small to promote more of a mentoring type of environment and, 2) one-on-one mentoring time is built into the experience as well.


Monitoring is woven into every phase of the TEAMM program.  We should not expect significant progress if we do not have systems set up for monitoring to aid us in taking proper action?  TEAMM is designed to help you monitor progress as you move through the program.  As well, you and your team will spend time seeking God and defining what you should measure (or monitor) to determine fruitfulness in your ministry.


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